Refund Policy

WordPress Plugins/themes :       98% Refund Grantee

1.We like to inform that all our wordpress plugin/themes are original and comes with genuine license code.

2.The license and file are NOT FOR resale. DO NOT resale OR share the license on any platform as this violates the license rules.

3.The license and product can not be gifted and is nontransferable

4.Kindly share the website URL on which the license is activated. We reserve the right to deactivate the license on any URL which is not notified to us within 24 hrs of activation

5.No refund can be claimed in the event of the license being blocked by the developers OR becomes invalid  at any time due to unavoidable circumstances.

6.If any of license key is not working, you need to report to us within 3 days from day of purchase to claim your refund. If we were not notified within 3 days no refund will be processed.

7.You can contact us with the screenshots to [email protected] or live chat with us or whatsapp us to 8760889966 for fixing the issue. If the issue are not fixed we will provide upto 98% refund.

Products other than wordpress Themes & Plugins

We want you to feel comfortable about transacting business with us. Due to nature of business and the accessibility of products/services immediately upon purchase, there is a no refund policy for products other tahn wordpress themes & plugins.

Still If you are not completely satisfied with the product you have paid for, you can contact [email protected] to avail refunds if the product is not accessed by you or if we have not started working on the service you availed.

The 2000+ App source codes are brought from other developers and the documentation are provided for all app, many times the script not working error comes because of wrong installation or hosting server issues. So chat with your hosting customer support, we are not responsible for any issues arise due to hosting or Android emulator issue. All these scripts are for refernce purposes only so please think before buying.