Refund Policy

WordPress Plugins/themes :       98% Refund Grantee

  1. Please note that all of our WordPress plugins and themes come with genuine license codes and are original products.

  2. It is important to understand that the license and file provided with the product cannot be resold or shared on any platform, as doing so would violate the license rules.

  3. The license and product are non-transferable and cannot be gifted to another user.

  4. We kindly request that you notify us of the website URL on which the license is activated within 24 hours of activation. We reserve the right to deactivate the license on any URL that has not been notified to us or if it is found to not meet the premium spot terms.

  5. Please be aware that no refunds can be claimed if the license is blocked by the developers or becomes invalid due to unavoidable circumstances.

  6. If you encounter any issues with the license key, please inform us within 24 hrs of the purchase date to claim a refund. Failure to notify us within this time frame will result in no refund being processed.

  7. You can contact us with screenshots of any issues via [email protected], our live chat service. We will make every effort to resolve the issue, and if we are unable to do so, we will provide a refund of up to 100% based on the product.

  8. No support will be provided for orders having a value of zero or that are more than one months old.

  9. If more websites with the same license key are activated within a single day, the license will be canceled.

  10. The refund policy does not apply to the reseller pack, as it is purchased at your own risk. While we will make an effort to assist you with any non-working or blocked keys, we cannot guarantee a solution in such cases.

Products other than wordpress Themes & Plugins

  1. We want you to feel comfortable about transacting business with us. Due to nature of business and the accessibility of products/services immediately upon purchase, there is a no refund policy for products other tahn wordpress themes & plugins.
  2. Still If you are not completely satisfied with the product you have paid for, you can contact [email protected] to avail refunds if the product is not accessed by you or if we have not started working on the service you availed.
  3. The 2000+ App source codes are brought from other developers and the documentation are provided for all app, many times the script not working error comes because of wrong installation or hosting server issues. So chat with your hosting customer support, we are not responsible for any issues arise due to hosting or Android emulator issue. All these scripts are for refernce purposes only so please think before buying.No support will be provided for orders having a value of zero or that are more than three months old.


Reseller Pack

– Lifetime access license

$50 Only

By buying this pack, you can resell 32 plugins and 3 theme files to your customers with the original license key.